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What is Weleda?

Weleda is the natural, organic herbal medicinal and body care company founded over 90 years ago by Austrian philosopher and visionary Rudolf Steiner.

Weleda comes from the Celtic word Veleda, or wise woman, and the company motto is to live ‘In harmony with nature and the human being’, using pure plant essences to create skin care and herbal medicines which help the body and mind come into balance and support the body’s natural healing processes.

What is a Weleda Wellbeing Advisor?

I have been using Weleda’s products for years, and when I started teaching yoga, the philosophy of Steiner and the Weleda products aligned perfectly with my themes in the classes I was teaching – relaxing lavender bath milk, warming arnica, revitalising citrus, balancing iris. The skin care range is all about bringing the skin back into ‘balance’, and at the same time, respecting the environment and fair trade with sustainability and avoiding harmful chemicals.

As a trained Weleda Wellbeing Advisor, I can:

  1. Provide FREE one-to-one skincare consultations, and advise on which Weleda products will be suitable for your skin-type or individual needs (on-line, phone or in-person consultations).
  2. Offer free samples and special discounts.
  3. Provide raffle prizes to help you raise money for your favourite charity.

Complement your yoga practice with Weleda’s natural skin care – here are some of my favourites:

Need to relax and de-stress?

Try a warm bath with the Lavender Bath Milk or Wild Rose Cream Bath, followed by nourishing Lavender, Rose or Pomegranate body oil or soothing body lotion. Complement the experience with soothing lavender soap or the lavender, Rose or Pomegranate creamy body wash.

Feeling sluggish and need to re-energise?

The Citrus range will refresh your senses – available as a creamy body wash or a fresh and fruity bath milk, refreshing body oil, deodorant (also good to freshen your yoga mat or feet!), body lotion and hand cream.

Feel more vibrant on the inside with the tasty Sea Buckthorn or Blackthorn Elixir, which make a refreshing drink filled with vitamins and antioxidants!

The Birch body scrub and cellulite body oil help to boost circulation to the skin and revitalise tired body or mind. Complement your de-tox with a drink of the Birch Juice.

The Pine bath milk will warm and revive your body and spirit, and the Rosemary Bath Milk will invigorate any tiredness after a long day.

Aching muscles?

arnica-banner1 (1)

After a dynamic yoga session, a long walk or run, or a hard day on your feet at work, relax those tense, aching muscles with Arnica Muscle Soak. Arnica massage oil is ideal to use before or after sport, along with Arnica Sports Shower Gel. The Arnica Massage Balm is a warming treatment traditionally helpful for rheumatic pain, muscular pain or stiffness, backache, fibrositis, bruising, cramps, sprains or minor sports injuries.

Been on your feet all day? The Skin Tone Lotion and Arnica Gel help to refresh and revitalise tired legs.

What’s in it for you?

FREE samples to ‘try before you buy’.

FREE gift with all local orders made through me direct, and no postage costs!

30-day money-back guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase.

To book your FREE one-to-one skin care or wellness consultation, (in-person, phone or online) contact me:

07586 298809


Or browse the online catalogue and order through my Webshop at:

Kath’s Weleda Webshop

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