About Kath

About me

I qualified as a Dru Yoga Teacher from the International School of Dru Yoga in Snowdonia,  in 2013, and divide my work time between teaching  Dru Yoga and my job as a Maxillofacial Speech and Language Therapist at Nottingham University Hospitals.

My personal journey of recovery from severe back injury using Dru yoga increased my passion to share Dru techniques with others, in order to promote positive health and wellbeing and reduce the stresses and pressures of modern-day life.

Thirty years experience as a health care professional in the NHS and an ITEC Diploma in therapeutic massage means I have a holistic approach to movement work and appreciate the importance of the mind-body connection for health.

I don’t consider myself especially flexible! I get stressed like everyone else, I’m not vegan, I wobble when doing balance postures, but I know that Dru Yoga helps me find the stillness and courage to deal with the demands of life!

With the World Peace Flame at the Dru Yoga Centre in Snowdonia
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