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New “Yoga Flows” classes for 2023!

This year sees me launching a new type of class – for those who enjoy a more dynamic, energising class, I am introducing some ‘Yoga Flows’ classes.

Combining some “Dru Yoga Dance” movements and classical flowing Dru Yoga sequences, these classes will be 90 minutes in length, and themed around energising and empowering movements. Investment £8 per class.

See the ‘online classes’ tab for details and payment options for recorded classes.

‘Finding the Bliss Within’ Yoga Flows Demonstration
‘Shing Star’ Yoga Flows Demonstration

Pre-recorded Dru Dance classes, Healthy Back Programme and Mental Wellbeing classes for sale!

If you enjoy Dru Dance and would like to experience this dynamic, energising form of Dru, I have made available 5 different Dru Dance class recordings for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home!

See the ‘online classes’ tab for details and booking.

Also, a 3 x 60 mins class yoga programme for Mental Wellbeing is now available for the investment of only £10!

See ‘online classes’ tab for details and booking.

My Healthy Back Programme 6-class recorded package available. Only £15 for 6 x one-hour class material, plus pdf handouts to guide you safely through this fully researched movement and stretching programme.

See ‘Yoga for Back Care’ tab for details and booking.

Quarterly Newsletter

Keep up to date with the latest classes and offers by subscribing to my quarterly newsletter – sent to your email address in January, April, July and October. Additional unlisted FREE recorded Kath’s Dru Yoga class for newsletter subscribers – not available via YouTube subscription!

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Kath’s Dru Yoga YouTube Channel

See below for some of my free classes uploaded to YouTube. Subscribe to my channel and you are notified each time a new class is uploaded.

I have put some of my favourite sequences and some classes on YouTube as FREE classes for you to enjoy! I am constantly adding to this resource, so do let me know if there is any Dru sequence you particularly enjoy in class and I will aim to add these. Here are a few to get you started:

A short activation sequence to energise you at any time of the day or before a longer yoga session.
EBR 4 – Living with Wisdom sequence
Heaven and Earth Twist – 5 minute movement snack!
15 mins Waves of Peace Relaxation
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