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Kath’s Dru Yoga Online Classes

Eventbrite links for online Zoom classes until the December 7th are listed below. Please click to link to book your place. Tickets are released for sale 12 days before the class.

Following booking, if this is the first time accessing a Kath’s Dru Yoga class since 2020, you will be required to complete a short electronic health form and disclaimer before you can access the class/recording, in order to comply with my insurance. If you have attended a Kath’s Dru Yoga masterclass in 2020 you will not need to complete another health form.

Investment includes access to the cloud recording of the class up to 5 days after, so if you can’t make the live session you can catch up at a time convenient to you. Class numbers are limited to 10, and the recorded class you only see me teaching. Class investment is £6.

Type of class – on-demand healthy back and wellbeing/recorded/live

  • From July to the end of the year, the focus will be the Healthy Back Programme and yoga for Mental Wellbeing. All classes suitable for beginners and mixed ability.
  • Recorded classes. Booking on a ‘live’ online class includes access to the recording for up to 5 days. The link to the cloud recording then expires. A small selection of classes are available to buy as a recording, in the ‘add-on’ section of Eventbrite checkout, for example, previous Dru Dance classes, for an investment of £6.

NHS Discount

As a special thank you to my NHS colleagues, I am offering 50% discount until end of 2021 on Mixed ability online live and recorded classes. Contact me via your email account and the discount code will be sent to you to use when booking an online class through Eventbrite. Alternatively, if you already have the promo code simply enter it at the Eventbrite checkout.

Email me at

Tuesday – online Wellbeing and Healthy Back Programme tickets

Relaxing Crocodile pose

Watch the following videos for a taste of a Dru class:

What do I need for a yoga class?


Please wear loose comfortable clothing you can easily move in, and bring:

  • a sticky yoga mat (so you won’t slip, as yoga is practised in bare feet)
  • a blanket (for kneeling and sitting poses and for relaxation)
  • a bottle of water 
  • If you like a cushion for relaxation or blocks/straps, please bring your own to class.
  • If you are doing an online live class from home, make sure you have enough space to move safely, and can adjust your screen so I can see you when standing, sitting or lying down.

Your Safety

Your safety is important to me. Please listen to your ‘inner teacher’ and do not do anything which you do not feel comfortable with. Modifications are given for different health conditions to help you get the most out of your practice, and you are invited to rest at any point. Please take a few minutes to watch the Dru safety video below, which includes guidance for different health conditions.

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