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“I’ve been suffering with …disc issues for years…and haven’t had so much of a twinge since your class” .     R.K., Derbyshire                                                                                                                                 

“…I love how I feel afterwards, thank you!”   A.P., Derbyshire

..” the calmest I have felt in months…….very calming instructor “   S.H., Derbyshire 

  “…a gentle but restorative sequence which I felt worked all of my body, leaving me feeling nourished and restored, ready for the rest of the day..”    Nicola, Derbyshire                                          

” having never done yoga before, I really enjoy the fluidity of poses we do each week ”   A.W., Derby

” really nice balance of activity and relaxation” .  Jane, Derbyshire.

” Fantastic. So what I needed…”     Nadia, Derbyshire.

“I am definitely more bendy and my lower back is much more robust….”  

Eileen, Derbyshire.



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