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Back pain is a very common problem, and an area in which I have a special interest, as I first came to Yoga following a back injury, and found it really helped my recovery. With regular Dru Yoga practise I keep my back healthy and flexible, and Dru Yoga has helped my husband cope with intermittent muscular-related back pain too!

Most back pain is the result of ‘muscular’ or ‘mechanical’ problems, and people do not have a specific diagnosis, and is often referred to as “non-specific low back pain”.

The current NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) guidelines recommend ‘keep moving’. The back needs to move, and the sooner people with back pain get moving the sooner they will feel better! Exercise gets your back moving again by stretching tight muscles and joints, and stops the working parts seizing up.

Yoga performed gently and with awareness is an ideal treatment. As well as movement and stretching, relaxation can help reduce stress and anxieties which can aggravate and prolong back pain. By using controlled breathing and muscle relaxation techniques, students can manage their pain better.

The Dru Healthy Back Programme

Watch a short video here with the Dru expert panel.

Dru Healthy Back Programme Interview

 Online Healthy Back Programme

This movement and relaxation programme, designed by yoga teachers, physiotherapists, osteopaths and GPs has been shown in research at Bangor University to help reduce musculoskeletal back pain and improve feelings of wellbeing.

Following the success of teaching the Dru Healthy Back Programme to healthcare staff in Derbyshire, I am excited  to now offer this programme as an online package for only £15!

This self-guided recorded package includes:

  • A 6-week progressive stretching and strengthening programme, consisting of one 60mins class per week, and short daily sequences to do 4-5 times per week
  • Access to the unlisted YouTube recorded HBP sequences and postures – comprising 9 video clips: activations and posture sequences for 3 different progressive classes, Energy Block Release Sequence 1, the Earth Sequence, and a 10 minute guided relaxation.
  • A pdf handout of the postures and sequences

Watch a short clip of Kath’s Healthy Back Programme here:

Following payment and completion of a short health questionnaire (to comply with my insurance), you will be emailed the programme outline and links to the unlisted YouTube recorded classes.

Healthy Back Programme Package

Self-guided instructions, pdf of the postures and sequences, access to recorded video classes for completing the 6-week Healthy Back Programme.


Healthy Back Programme In-Person classes 

“Healthy back’ classes will be advertised in the ‘classes’ section of the website. They are usually run as a 6 or 8-week course.

The classes are aimed at people who have had musculoskeletal low back pain for more than 6 weeks, but less than a year.

The classes are not for people whose back pain is caused by:

  • cancer, a fracture, an infection or inflammatory disease (such as ankylosing spondylitis)
  • irritation or compression of nerves that mainly affects the legs

Take away home practise materials so you can continue the programme at home! Contact me if you are interested in attending a Healthy Back course, or if your workplace would like to set up a course of classes for staff. These classes can also be delivered on-line.

Healthy Back Programme works!

woman doing yoga pose on pink yoga matA Healthy Back Programme delivered to staff at Derbyshire Community Healthcare Services by Kath’s Dru Yoga in 2019 had fantastic results for reducing back pain and improving wellbeing and health-related quality of life.

The participants rated the programme an average of 8.4 on a scale of 0-10 in term of how much they had benefitted.

100% of participants had higher health-related quality of life scores than at the start of the programme.

86% of participants had higher wellbeing scores by the end of the programme.

100% of participants had lower back pain scores than at the start of the programme, people with more severe baseline scores making the greatest improvement.

Home practise DVD and CDs

If you prefer to follow a CD or DVD you can purchase the following Dru back care products from me.  DVDs and CDs can be posted (P&P charges included).

Calm, Clear and Relaxed DVD

Calm Clear and Relaxed DVD

A great companion to the gentle healthy back classes, allowing you to continue your exercises at home! Each DVD includes: Activations, Energy Block Release Sequence 1, Earth Sequence, Cross-hemisphere alignment (Spinal Alignment Sequence), 2 Relaxations to choose from.


Dru Easing Back Pain CD

Easing Back Pain 2-CD set

Gentle Dru Yoga movements to help strengthen and relax your back. This 2-CD set includes two 20 minute stretching and strengthening classes, to guide you through a 6 week programme – that’s just 20mins a day to keep your back healthy!


Dru Easing Neck Pain CD

Dru Easing Neck Pain CD

Gentle Dru movements to create strength and flexibility in your neck.


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