Cold Days, Warm Hearts

Winter is Coming!

Well, it’s already here, by the feel of it in Derbyshire!

I love this time of year though – warming up and connecting with nature by enjoying a brisk walk in the glorious Peak District, or turning my yoga practice to more dynamic flows and sequences to ignite my inner fire!

Those of you who have been attending my ‘winter warmer’ themed classes will by now have the whole of the Dru Sun Sequence under your yogi-belt and will have lots of tools for energising your home practise! Here are some more ideas for flows you can do over the holidays to keep that inner fire burning!

Some of my favourite energising Dru sequences are: The Sun Sequence, The Inner Fire Sequence, The Vitality Sequence and the Power Sequence.

The Sun Sequence: Surya Namaskar

dawn sunset beach woman
Saluting the Sun

The Sun Sequence is a great all-rounder, and can be easily modified (replace dog with cat and replace cobra with sphinx or frog) for easier options.

Lucy Bannister has a great version – here is the link to follow her flow…

Dru it Yourself Sun Sequence

The Dru Inner Fire Sequence and Vitality Sequence are great flows for warming and energising you and both contain strong triangle poses. Vitality sequence class is 45mins, inner fire sequence 5 mins

Inner Fire Sequence

This class is 5 mins. Do 5-10 mins of your favourite activation movements first to warm up. I like to do EBR 3 first to warm the spine and open the heart. Click the links below to do these classes – EBR 3 is 10mins, Inner Fire Sequence is 5 mins.

heart shaped candle

Energy Block Release 3

Inner Fire Sequence

The Dru Vitality Sequence

This class is 45mins long – click the link below to go to the Dru Online studio.

action adult athletic backlit

The Dru Vitality Sequence

For those of you who like a dynamic workout – the Dru Power Sequence is the ultimate energiser! The link is 60 mins class.

Dru Power Sequence

‘Winter Warmer’ Masterclass

Interested in exploring more warming yoga? Book a Winter Warmer masterclass for 2 hours of dynamic yoga, see Classes tab for details of upcoming masterclasses.

A time for Nourishing

So you have completed your brisk walk, sweaty workout or dynamic yoga flow, and your muscles are aching. Now is the time to nourish and nurture your body and mind! There are 3 main ways I find help to really nourish and warm yourself at this time of year:

One: Have an indulgent warm bath.

bath bathroom bathtub indoors

Yes, I know it sounds old fashioned, and many people don’t even have baths anymore (a great alternative is a warm foot soak using a washing up bowl). Warming natural bath milks such as *Weleda’s Arnica muscle soak, Rosemary or Pine bath milk are fantastic for stimulating the circulation and warming your whole system – and pine is great for the respiratory system and warding off colds at this time of year! Raising your body temperature also activates your white blood cell production, improving your immune system ….. so if you enjoy a steam or sauna at the gym, go for it!

Two: Massage

arnica-banner1 (1)

Massage is a great way to warm and relax tired or tense muscles and also calms the mind. I love a hot stones massage, but you may have your favourite type! You can treat yourself to a massage from a qualified practitioner, or massage your own legs/hands/arms yourself to boost circulation, with a natural body oil – I love Weleda’s Sea Buckthorn body oil with a fresh orange scent. Pomegranate oil feels like wrapping yourself in a warm duvet and is great for regenerating and providing intensive nourishment. My favourite though is Weleda’s Arnica oil – ideal after sport, arnica has a warming effect on aching muscles. Oils are best applied after a warm bath or shower. If you are not a massage type of person, maybe try some warming Skin Food for your hands and feet – containing rosemary oil to stimulate the circulation, great before going out into the cold winter air, and superb for dry or chapped fingers (and noses!). I always have a tube in my bag….


Three: Move!

New Zealand South Island_082903_0174

Yes, whether you enjoy a dynamic yoga practice or a cycle ride, brisk walk, or a Zumba class, movement produces HEAT, so you will be energising both mind and body by getting your heart rate up and moving! Laugh, sing, dance, play or walk outside – just keep moving!

* If you are interested in Weleda’s natural skincare products, contact me for our latest brochure (and free samples service).


T. 07586 298809

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