Dru Dance. Keeeep Dancing!


You may have noticed I have been introducing some snippets of Dru Dance into my weekly classes recently. Do you love yoga and enjoy dance? Dru Dance may be for you!

What is Dru Dance?

Dru Yoga Dance is a graceful fusion of flowing Dru yoga sequences and both Western and classical Indian dance movements, choreographed to music. Stress-busting and energetic, Dru Dance focuses on dynamic, flowing movements to create both strength and suppleness.

Dru Dance is a visual language often called ‘poetry in motion’ and is a rich and varied  way to express yourself through movement, energising and empowering you!

How is Dru dance different to a Dru Yoga class?


In a Dru Dance class, activations and body preps are replaced with ‘flow-ins’ – movements taken from each phrase of the dance to warm specific muscle groups, which are performed in a graceful flow, helping you to learn the sequences and reduce injury.

A Dru Dance class is usually more energetic than a classic Dru yoga class, so a reasonable level of fitness is needed. Some modifications may be taught but not as many as in a Dru yoga class, as the ‘flow’ of the dance may be lost.

Each Dance has a specific theme, and the movements and carefully selected music are combined with powerful mudras (hand gestures), visualisations and selected symbology to leave you feel empowered and confident.

All Dru Dance classes close with a rejuvenating deep relaxation, so you can reap the benefits of the physical, mental and emotional journey you have experiences.

Key principles of Dru Dance

Core Strength

A good foundation of core stability is needed for these dynamic classes, especially to support the spine throughout the dance.


Dru dance is characterised by contrasts. We use gravity to harness our own stability and strength, contrasting this with grace, and lightness, which elevates us.

In Dru Dance we use the body to evoke a mood and the qualities the dance is aiming to express. Softness where movements are soft and delicate, strength with powerful, toned movements.


The different ‘phrases’ of the dance are linked together to form a smooth flow, using ‘transitions’, which are taught one phrase at a time, repeating and gradually building to the full dance.

To see a short video of Dru Dance, follow the link below:

Dru Dance taster

Happy Dancing!!! Kath x


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  1. Just amazing:)


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