What is an EBR?


USP of Dru

People often ask me ‘what is Dru yoga and how is it different from other types of yoga?” I usually reply by saying as well as all the usual poses you would find in a hatha yoga class, such as cats, warriors, dogs etc, the Unique Selling Point of Dru is the EBR sequences, or Energy Block Release Sequence – a series of flowing movements. It is this flow we also take into our postures in Dru, and rather than holding a pose for several minutes, we practise the pose as a moving sequence.

What are energy blocks?

Energy flows through our body freely when we live our life in balance and we express ourselves easily. Sometimes this flow of energy gets ‘blocked’ and becomes stuck in our joints, muscles and organ systems of the body. Unless it is released, this blocked energy can create imbalances which can lead to dis-ease.

Causes of Energy Blocks:

  • not enough exercise
  • poor posture
  • negative thought patterns or behaviour
  • unexpressed thoughts or feelings

Energy Block Release (EBR)


Dru EBR sequences are carefully designed flowing movements and breath co-ordination that work through the body to release tension and clear these energy blockages on different levels – physical, mental and emotional.

Each EBR sequence has a unique positive benefit on both the body and the mind, bringing us back into balance, often with positive empowering affirmations and visualisations. Most EBR sequences also move the spine in all its four directions – forwards, backwards, twisting and side bend.

During or after your Dru yoga practise, you may notice feelings of heat, cold, tingling or tiredness, or you may feel emotional. This is simply an energy block being cleared out of your system and is quite natural.

Some EBR sequences have numbers, and others have names, such as ‘The Earth Sequence’ or the ‘Sacro-Lumbar Release’.

Below are some examples of EBR sequences and what they are helpful for. Ideally work with one sequence for 2-3 weeks to notice a benefit.


The foundation EBR sequence, also known as the ‘stress buster’. Helps to create a calm, clear mind, keeps your spine healthy and reduces back pain.

EBR 1 video class

The Earth Sequence


Often used with beginners’ classes, and alongside EBR 1 an integral part of the Healthy Back Programme, the Earth Sequence is a great EBR for the spine, and calms the nervous system by co-ordinating breathing with movement in a beautiful flow. Even better when done outside, standing on the earth!

Earth Sequence Video class



‘Be here now’ is the theme of EBR 2, which helps us come into the present moment, helping to reduce anxiety and stress as we focus on the here-and-now rather than worrying about the past or future. Great for the spine, EBR 2 is also a complete body workout, and a whole class in itself, containing several postures including the Chair of the Heart, Bridge, Sitting Forward Bend and the Sphinx.



The ‘heart awakener’, EBR 3 is great for expanding the heart centre, improving self-confidence and self-esteem. When you feel stuck in your life and want to create space, EBR 3 is good for setting realistic achievable goals and being kind to yourself.


A complete dynamic relaxation sequence, EBR 7 helps to co-ordinate breath with movement and engages the parasympathetic nervous system, aligning both the right and left hemispheres of the brain, allowing the body and mind to deeply relax.

back pain1

To find out more, come along to a Dru yoga class or follow a DVD or CD (see ‘classes’ section of my website).

Kath : )

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